New year, new Thoughts

It has been a hell of a year.

Full of heavy challenges and painful goodbyes.
But It has also been a year of growth, and to see how much you can handle life tricky curve balls.
But somehow, we are still here and there is still hope.

As I had my new years dinner in a long table of 20 people, I realize that even if things get harder, and this is my last new years with my dad, I will find peace in knowing he was loved, very very much.
We tried to have a simple dinner, just my parents and my two siblings but people just wanted to be with us, no matter what.
So our table grew and the phone never stop ringing, with other family and friends calling to wish us happy new years and to wish us the best.

I see this new year, and I selfishly ask for another one with my dad, but I also don't want him to suffer, and I have seen him suffer, because of this limitations and constant worries about his failing body and Us fussing over him ( we can't help it, we love him so much) I know he hates that, he hates been weak and depend on others, Its very difficult for all of us.

But whatever this new year brings us, I hope we can handle it, and that we can have more good memories than bad, I hope for all of us to feel loved and to know we have someone that cares.
And I wish for hope to remain with us.

excited about tonight episode

Once again is that sad-happy feeling, happy about new and very promising episode.
But sad because it will be over all too soon.

Feels like a defeat without a battle, and no form signing or letter pleading will make a difference.

I will miss this show too much, I really really liked it, I loved it!
I loved everything about, funny, dramatic, surprising, with bad guys not been black and white (after all they are doing it to survive),awesome characters, great team relationships...
and of course the VERY HOT guys LOL.(hey I'm human!)

I have nothing I truely love on TV anymore, and after more than 11 years of SG is like closing this wonderful story that made you happy to view and kept your mind away of the stress of the day, personal problems and all those things we live that are too real to have to watch on tv too.
That's what I love about Sci fi, its fun and exciting and for one hour is a great adventure and all will be well at the me boring but I like when things work out at the end and the heroes carry on.

But all good things must come to end...don't you hate that?